I went to DC yesterday for a few meetings and was in and out of a nostalgic haze as I walked through the halls of Howard’s School of Communications. Four years have passed. I have trouble finding them.

The highlight of the trip, by far, was seeing One Moore Book titles on the shelves of Sankofa Book Store. It felt good.

While I was there I met up with an old professor of mine whom, almost immediately after I sat down, looked at me for a long time and said: I can’t believe you did it. You would talk about moving to New York and beginning something like this and I have to admit I never took you seriously.

I was, understandably, offended. He justified this by saying: It’s nothing against you. At all. It’s just that many students talk and few do. So let me ask you–how did you do this? How did you get this to work? How did you begin?

And I said: by believing I could.

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