Nobody Puts Tutu In a Corner

I’ve had an incredible year and am so happy to be living such a full life.  I thank God. Life is so short and I’m inspired by the friends and artists that I surround myself with, whose energy and support give me the strength I need to push forward in full and epic force toward my dreams.

I had a conversation with my best friend the other day about life in NYC and its endless “circles.” There’s the entertainment circle, the corporate circle, the non-profit circle, the cool kids circle (yes, this still exists but luckily they are all still quite miserable with their jobs so they party the pain away….fun parties, btw), the techie circle, the Small World circle, the fashion circle, the hipster circles, the conscious circles, the foreign circles, the shop owner circle, and on and on and forever on.  Much like high school I’m rather a drifter and fall in and out of these various groups like a goose feather in the middle of April.  The advantages include but are not limited to: great writing material, increased ways to get to know this magnificent city, an expansive network, but most importantly, affirmation of my mother’s coaxing that my difference and the inability to fit into boxes are my strengths rather than my shortcomings.

I love people.  I love strangers and getting to know them, (as polar opposite as their personalities, histories, interests or ambitions are sometimes to mine), has allowed me the strange freedom of further knowing myself in an intimate and solid way.   I have learned that I am barely anything I thought I was ten years ago save the fact that I am a hopeless and infinite romantic; I have learned that at my core I want to serve people and may always have a job (perhaps not a 9-5) or affiliations in the non-profit sector; I have learned that all of my friends are being hazed for membership in my family and a loyalty that if earned, I will take to my grave; I have learned that I am far from the competitive she-shark people think is the cause for my success, and am actually turned off by competitive types; I have learned that I can be just as mean as I am “nice,” just as superficial as I am grounded,  just as serious and strategic as I am a freewheeler, just as childish as I am an old, old spirit.

And such is the beauty of life.  Each day is a revelation of our astounding complexities–the lessons that undo the hard work and words of so many previous years.  Each day uncovers the inspiring truth that even if we choose to conform to circles, none of us really belong in them.  And by the grace of God, each day is a celebration of thousands more waiting, untouched days for us to get Yesterday right, learn from Her, and write Her over again.