Date: September 2nd 2014
Time: 10:45 ish PM
Place: Brooklyn, NY
Script: Transcription
Scenario: Decided to take Uber from a friend’s place in Park Slope back to my apartment and my driver was a middle-aged self-proclaimed astrologist who engaged me in 20 minutes of my fortune.


“You are an advisor so I suggest you stop telling your issues to your friends just listen is all you should do is listen and advise do not tell anything do not say anything just lend your ear you are an old soul your problem is that you are too attached to things that you should let go you have not let go for instance if you have old clothes that you should throw away you never throw them away you just keep everything in those closets you should learn to throw things away just let them go you are also smart but you have two selves you have your religious self and you have another self that should be kind and considerate of nature because she is very considerate of you and I think you may have been born in July if not then April then yes it has to be April I think you may have had something wrong with your stomach at some point a surgery something small but there is something wrong in love you are only so so but I should tell you something great is about to happen for you something big you are on the edge of something just hold your stomach just keep your old head just keep your heart”

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